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Welcome to Online Part time Jobs

Online part time job is a job consultancy and outsourcing company located in Chennai, India. We are providing online jobs and part time jobs to all job seekers and also providing outsourcing services to companies who are outsourcing their projects. We are having very strong experience in online job sector and have executed more than 1000 of projects so far. We have huge volume of works coming from our clients all around world so we need more people to work with us. We offer our client jobs to job seekers and make them to earn.
Our Key strength is having experience in handling different kind of projects in the data entry and BPO sectors. Our key to success is that offering jobs to all eligible workers without collecting any upfront or registration fees from them. We have more than 450 plus workers working from different regions and making their spare time into useful way and getting paid for that.

Services provided by us

We provide solutions to all types of business needs. We have both voice and non voice business solutions but we are specializing in non voice business process. We provide custom based solutions also for all non voice processes like data entry, conversion work, editing and updating work, application filling, image scanning and text capture services and etc.,
We provide all our customer work to our home based workers who are registered with us. We assign job work to all eligible workers of ours and execute our client projects with less operation cost. Our services is comes with less operational cost and on time delivery so we are successful in this industry.

Jobs provided by us

We have wide range of job work and each time the nature of the work will change based on the customers and their business but all of our jobs can be done from anywhere and thatís why people are preparing to choose us as their job provider. We offer job like data conversions, Form processing, Online Typing, HTML tagging and many more.
We help all candidate by providing different industry jobs based on their niche skills set. We have different requirements from clients like temporary jobs to manager jobs. Our Job assignment and process will vary from client to client basis and also from candidate to candidate basis for long term relationship.

Our Mantra

Our mantra is providing jobs to all interested people who are eager to work and grow continuously. Without charging any fees we offer jobs that are our mantra for success. We are successful in this industry because of providing zero investment jobs which is needed by more people.

Who We Are

We are working as a job providing consultancy and outsourcing agency of KPO and BPO industry. We provide jobs to all part time and online job seekers. We do take projects from all companies who want to outsource their jobs with less operative cost.

What We Do

We undertake the outsourcing project from many foreign countries to provide them with custom based organized solutions for their business and services. We do provide our client jobs to all job seekers to reduce the work execution time and cost of all our clients. We have a motto of providing jobs to all without collecting any fees from them.

Mission Statement

To be a leader in all solutions provided to our clients in bpo and kpo industry. To be a primary job consultant and outsourcing agency in this industry and should help more talents as much as we can.

Vision Statement

We want to be successful providers for both our clients and workers. We should set a bench mark as a service provider to all our clients and also set a bench mark as a job provider to all our workers with long lasting relationship.
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